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* Be properly prepared when arriving at launch ramp. Boat packed, drain plug in and straps undone.

* If you are going to be meeting friends at the ramp, do not park your vehicle in a trailer parking space.

* If someone seems inexperienced, offer to help them before you yell at them.

* DON'T FISH on or around the launch ramps.

* DO NOT SWIM on or around the launch ramps.

* Teach your spouse/friend how to back the trailer at the ramp to load/unload the boat. 

* Be patient. CRUISING THE LAKE NEVER let anyone ride on your boat with his or her feet dangling off the front or back of
  the boat.

* While driving your boat, if you encounter a boat pulling a skier or person(s) on a tube, do not follow in the boats wake.

* Remember, you have no depth perception on the water at night. You can't tell how far away those boat lights are until your
  right on top of them. DO NOT follow directly behind a boat at night. If it slows down or stops you won't realize it until too
  late. Stay off to one side of it a little when following another boat at night.

* Be careful when approaching a marina at night. It is very difficult to see a boat ahead of you if its lights blend in with the marina

* Lake Monroe’s average depth is 30 ft. No matter the level of their swimming ability all crew should use a flotation device in the
  water at all times.

* Read the shoreline to judge the underwater geography. If the shore has an almost vertical cliff, more than likely it's the same
  below the shoreline. If the shore has a very gradual slope, underwater it may be the same and it is possible to hit a submerged

* When navigating or floating at NIGHT, you are required to display the proper running lights (see Boating Laws). When
  anchored at night, you are required to display an anchor light or stern light from sundown to sunup.

* It is not uncommon for Monroe boaters to wave when approaching another boat - they are just that friendly.

* When you are in an idle zone area, you are required to display a NO WAKE while in this area. So, if you can see white water
  behind your boat while you are driving, you are causing a wake, and need to slow down. Be courteous of other boaters.